Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I had a fantastic and actually semi-relaxing holiday weekend!  I ended up not going to Galesburg just to enjoy some of that "ME-time" I was in need of (mentioned in last post).  There were many points in the weekend when I was not actually alone, but I got the mental and emotional break I needed!

Friday Highlights
-Dinner with Ryan, chicken tortilla soup, before my night out with the girls!
-Seeing Bridesmaids (for the second time) with my Mom and sister...and I will see it again, and again!
-Grabbing a drink and appetizer at Granite City
-Emily and I meeting Ryan, Mat, Ashley, and Andy out for a couple hours in Davenport

Saturday Highlights
-Getting off work in time to enjoy some relaxing with Ryan before he left for the weekend
-Taking a brisk, 30-minute walk on a beautiful afternoon
-Dinner at the Bierstube in Moline
-My mom incessantly waving at the fake Josh Groban (there's a story)
-The Josh Groban concert...O. M. G. he is an amazing singer!

Sunday Highlights
-Sleeping in! Even though that really only means 8:30, haha
-Watching a movie (Buried) at home during a grand ol' thunderstorm
-ZUMBA for the Wii
-Getting some cleaning done
-My parents house for dinner
-Enjoying my evening with a glass of wine

Monday Highlights

 -Hanging out with my little brother all day
-the Putnam Museum
-IMAX movie, "Born to be Wild"
-Swimming at West Lake
-Ryan came home!
-Grilling amazing, jalapeno-cheddar brats we got from the Farmer's Market

It was a great weekend...I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to, but I did get the "me-time" I was looking for.  Plus, it was long overdue that I spend some good time with my family!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends! Did you do anything exciting or rewarding?

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  1. Wow you had quite the day with Alex!! No wonder he loves you more!! lol :)