Day 01 - A picture of yourself with eighteen facts.

1. I just got glasses a couple of months ago.  No lies, I kinda like them.
2. I am starting voice lessons in one week!  I used to take them in high school and I'm excited to take them again. :)
3. I LOVE to cook...bake, not so much.
4. I am not a big fan of my hair...which is probably why you'll see it a different cut or color or both nearly every month.
5. I am very happy on my Weight Watchers plan so far, but I know I'll need some motivation down the line.
6. I found a new church that I love and I just hope Ryan loves it too.
7. I still have this little piece of my heart that is broken that we never moved to North Carolina.
8. I have a HUGE piece of my heart that is so happy to be close to friends and family back where I grew up...who knows what the future holds?
9. My favorite color is PURPLE, but I'm kinda going through a YELLOW phase right now.
10. I love weddings, I love helping plan them.  And now I know my back-up career path!
11. After only two full months of it, I am a huge advocate of Big Brothers Big Sisters, it's an amazing experience.  If you want any info on the program, please let me know.
12. Even when ties have been cut with old friends, there is the feeling in my gut that the friendship can still be revived.
13. I watch Gilmore Girls, every night; and I mean EVERY NIGHT before I go to bed.  I'm sure you can imagine how many times I've been through the series.
14. Since I am so close to beating LEGO Star Wars and I LOVE it so much, I switched to LEGO Batman so I can savor the ending of LEGO Start Wars another day.  LEGO Batman is OK...Star Wars is much better!
15. You could ask me any day what my favorite song is, and it probably changes every time.  But I do have specific songs for specific moments, memories, people, emotions in my life.  I know, how cliche is it to relate so strongly to music?
16. I miss doing homework.  Call me crazy, but I like writing papers and doing research.  Is Grad School calling my name?
17. I am 25...holy crap, I am 25!
18. I have 8 weddings so far this year, and I am in 4 of them in one way or another! EXCITE!


  1. Some of those I didn't know!

    You can do my homework for me!

    Also someday you will be planning my wedding!

    Wanna move to North Carolina together?!?! That is my dream location!

  2. you should try lego indiana jones :)

  3. I have not tried LEGO Indiana Jones yet...maybe that's next on the list! I also want to try LEGO Harry Potter :)