The Week of Lasts

This is and important, personal post and is the prequel to next week's "Week of Firsts" (I hope!).  You know you can enjoy something more and accept never having it again if you know it's going to be your last!  So I decided a week ago to thoroughly enjoy some "lasts" in my routine before I kick my butt into gear! **Disclaimer: When I say "last time," let's be realistic and know that does not mean never, because that's setting the bar too high.  But it does mean I'm going to focus on breaking those habits.

This week is the last time I grabbed fast food on my lunch break, I can pack a lunch!
This week is the last time I had Chinese on a regular basis.
This week is the last time I had a bigger lunch than I really need.
This week is the last time I had a drink after work "just because," I do not need to drink on the week nights.
This week is the last time I allow myself to make excuses for not working out, who said I can't do crunches, weights, and Wii Fit in the comfort of my own home?
And tonight will be the last night I allow myself to get drunk for awhile, it's unnecessary calories and I have fun with my friends with or without alcohol.

Now it's off to my first Weight Watchers meeting to kick-off my week of firsts!


  1. Hey Sarah. FYI, my trainer said that if you MUST drink....vodka/water or vodka/tonics are the best bet :)

  2. Good for you lady! keep up the good work!! xo