March Goals

I think February was a pretty good month! We saw a lot of people, did a lot of things, and I enjoyed it all.  Not sure how it all affected my goals, but here's the February breakdown:
1. Focus on showing more appreciation for the people and things in my life I think so...I sent a few cards, had some great talks with people I love, emailed some people who I needed to reconnect with, and focused on spending quality time with people who are important to me.
2. Enjoy my birthday! CHECK! Thanks to my family and friends, it was loads of fun <3
3. GYM GYM GYM NO NO NO....but my priorities were in a different place this month.  And now as it starts to get nicer out, I'm just getting so pumped to ride my bike, I can hardly contain it!!
4. Create a budget for what we need to spend on weddings this year and start saving more each month! Ryan and I did kinda work on a budget...for EVERYTHING in our lives, so I think we're good here!
5. Spend more time with my Little Definitely, and it's been so fun!
6. Spend more time with myself. I think some me-time is in store this month. Umm...maybe not so much, I think this is going to be a March goal too.

All in all, February was awesome; I'm proud of what I did accomplish and how it all made me feel.  And with spring fast approaching, I have a feeling my mood will steadily be awesome! So here's to March:
Spend more time with myself. I think some me-time is in store this month. Like I said, it needed to be a March goal too.  There is a book that I have been putting off reading that I think will really help me with a lot in my life...I'll write about it as I go.
Join Weight Watchers I have discovered, unfortunately, that I'm not very good at holding myself accountable.  And having some success with WW in the past has lead me to the decision to join again, at least long enough to get back on track.
Spend less money It's crazy, because every month I swear we're gonna be good, but we just love to travel, and do things, and see friends and by the end of the month, we've always spent more than we meant to.  This is a hardcore goal this month!  So sorry friends, we won't be coming to you this month, not until we get back on track!  I do have a bachelorette party next weekend, but I've already saved for that!
Volunteer at the Humane Society I'm not going to say for how long or how often, but my Little and I did our first volunteer day there this past weekend and I just want to make sure we go back...they definitely need the help!

I think that's a good list for now!  Wish me luck and I wish you success with your goals as well! HAPPY ALMOST SPRING!

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  1. Good job on your February goals! And good luck with your March goals!!

    I can't wait for Spring either! Everyone is happier then and there is so much more you can do when its nice outside!!

    In a couple months you are going to have to come visit Brad and I in our new place!! :)

    Love you!