Help! I'm Suffering From a Lack of Inspiration

Dear friends and family that actually read my blog from time to time,

I am in need of, no, I am hurting for some words of wisdom, recommendations, advice, and inspiration in several different areas in my life.  I'm feeling lost/stuck/bored/unmotivated/frustrated and could use a little boost from those of you who have been there before.  If you feel like you can help me with any of the following items, please leave a comment or email me or call me or make a skype date with me...any help is soooooo greatly appreciated!
  1. I am in a workout rut...granted, I know I will be riding my bike more often here soon.  But I need some good indoor workout advice that does not involve going to the gym...something fun and that actually works, and that I can do in the privacy of my own living room or bedroom.
  2. RECIPES! If any of you have any healthy, lean, and preferably low in weight watchers points, recipes that you could share with me, I would be so grateful! I do have some tried and true healthy recipes, but I am making the same stuff all the time and eventually, it makes me want to cave in to my cravings of naughty food that I have NOT had in a long time.  And in the end, that makes it harder to keep on track.
  3. Self-esteem is lacking right now. And I know this is something I need to fix myself, not something anyone else can do for me.  But some of you have been there before, what are some good ways to get out of a funk? I know it's a phase, and it's probably related to the first two on this list as well, but any advice is totally welcome here.
  4. How do you continue being motivated when you get bad news on something you've been working hard for?  I know for some people, it makes them want to try harder, I however, want to give up.  Not that I do, or will, but that's the feeling I get.  How do you get motivated after some bad news?
  5. Crafty inspiration please!  I have a sewing machine, cross-stitch hoops and thread, scrapbook stuff, and a bagillion photographs and picture frames.  I have lots of things need to make some fun stuff, but have no idea what to make! I will take any useful websites, magazines, ideas, classes, etc.
Thank you so much for any advice, comments, resources, etc. that you share with me.  I greatly appreciate it and will gladly swap some of my "famous" advice for yours! =)




  1. I am LOVING my sewing class, it is forcing me to actually finish a project, it is also giving me help and advice along the way and I took it for myself...I don't have many hobbies or do things for myself very often so I finally just took the class and I am so glad that I did! I plan on taking many more, and some are going to be for making clothes...maybe you can join me on the next one!! The store is soo cute and has the coolest fabrics!!

    I have found going for walks outside with Brad are one of my favorite things to do and it is exercising with out really noticing...we also go to the park and play basketball..My physiology teacher (who is a trainer) says that it really doesn't matter what you do to exercise but as long as you are doing stuff you enjoy because then you will more than likely keep doing it.

    I have also recently tried getting dressed up everyday or at least more often and doing my hair and makeup because when you look nice you feel nice! :)

    Good luck with everything! I love you!!

  2. www.skinnytaste.com is the only way to go! Her recipes are bomb and they have the weight watchers points listed. You can even search by point values.

    I like Emily's ideas. Maybe I will sign-up for a sewing class. Usually it's with a bunch of old ladies, but I don't mind. What about other classes in the area? Pottery painting? Cooking? Or maybe an exercise class that doesn't seem like exercise - yoga! Plus it's relaxing and clears your mind. Can't beat that.

    Another thing I like to do to "treat" myself: Nail polish. It's fun and cheap! And it makes you feel pretty :)

    Call me if you need me! Love you!

  3. I think we should plan another craft weekend but this time no lifetime movies/jersey shore! Just crafting! haha

    I started doing p90x and i noticed a difference after a week! Not in weight because you gain muscle first but just in the way I look and feel. Thats good motivation! Its kind of expensive to buy but I think its worth it. The best motivation for me is that Nick is doing it too. We motivate each other!

    I like what Emily and Ashley said about dressing up and nail polish. I recently started wearing nail polish again and it DOES make me feel pretty! :)

    I also have a bomb recipe I will email you later today! Very yummy and healthy.

    If you wanna talk, I have the next 2 days off. Miss you love you!