Day 06 - A picture(s) of a place you've been to

I have been blessed enough in my life to have gone to quite a few different places.  This is a tough-one, because I have loved them all.  I'm just going to put up pictures of different places I've been, and keep in mind that I don't have many pictures from my childhood on here, otherwise I would include some of those pics as well.  For example, my favorite place I went as a child was South Dakota! And I loved our trip to Washington D.C.  Also, while I was in high school, we went to Virginia ( I think I might have some of those pics) and I fell in love with the East Coast then.  You have seen me post pictures about Vegas and Costa Rica, so here are some other places I've been:
First trip while I was in 7th grade
First of two trips in high school, with Stephanie!
Florida 2003
Last trip, January 2009


At Busch Gardens

Lincoln, Nebraska (International Thespian Festival)

Rosebud, South Dakota (Mission Trip)

New York City (been three times)
NYC 2002

The Bahamas

Arizona (to visit Shorty)

San Francisco

Where are some places you have been?  What was your favorite vacation spot?

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  1. Fun fun!! Though my favorite vacation was when you weren't even with us :( I LOVED North Carolina!! :)