Day 3- A picture of you and your friends

I know this picture is pretty old...but it's still one of my favorites!  These are my best girls friends from high school just before we all left for college.  It was an amazing night, minus Shae getting sick (poor baby!), and those memories will last me a lifetime.  I do wish the post was "pictures of you and your friends" but you know I would have gotten carried away!  SO here is the one picture I narrowed it down to.  There is another day post with another picture, so watch out college friends...it's coming! =)

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  1. ah I love it!! I couldn't find this picture anywhere on my computer but it was the first picture to come to mind! I still have it framed & on my desk in my room! This is one od my favorite menories with everyone! Love you ladies! I'd LOVE an up dated picture mimicking this one...hopefully someday!