Summer Bucket List

Yes, I know the summer is almost over, but I still have things on my list that I'd really like to accomplish:

1. Tubing
2. Attend two concerts
3. Read more books
4. Go to the farmer's market twice a month
5. Take more pictures
6. Go to Adventureland
7. Go camping with family
8. Go camping with friends
9. Visit friends on Labor Day Weekend
10. Hang out with my brother every other week.
11. Buy a bike (I'm almost there!!)

Some of these things are in progress, or will be completed soon!  I can't wait for Tubing, camping, and Adventureland next week. =) Also, I just went to a concert Wednesday night and am going tonight and Sunday...the fair is making #2 easy.  I also have several bucket list items I have already completed:

1. Golf Lessons
2. Write more letters/cards
3. Weekend in Omaha
4. Visit Ashley in Ames
5. Start a blog =) (OK...I just threw that one in there!)
6. Be outside more
7. Go to Six Flags
8. Spend a weekend in Chicago

But considering it's already August, I'm looking forward to checking things off my list.  There should be more complete items by now.  I'm glad I made the list though, it reminds me daily of promises I made to myself that I need to keep this year.  I always say I'm going to do something and the I forget or something comes up and it gets put on the back burner.

I think that learning to keep promises to myself will help with some other more long term promises I'm trying to keep like eating better, being happier, and loving more.  Which reminds me, I am SO excited to see Eat Pray Love...I'm going to add seeing that to my bucket list!


  1. What a good bucket list! I wish come see Ashley in Omaha was up there too :( Soon hopefully! See you next weekend.

  2. Visit Ashley in Omaha is on our Fall Bucket List! =)

  3. Have you seen Eat Pray Love yet? Its (of course) not as good as the book (have you read that?!) but so good non the less!