A Weekend in Pictures

Last weekend, we made the trip up to the Des Moines/Ames area.  We originally planned to go floating and camping on Saturday, but with all of the flooding, I wasn't able to cross those activities off of my bucket list quite yet!  However, I had a really great time with my friends that started with a night out in Des Moines, which led into Saturday hangover remedy time with Ashley enjoying a delicious dinner at a diner!  Saturday night, a large group of us went out in Ames and on Sunday we ended the weekend in Adventureland, which was crowded and expensive, but way fun with good friends.  It brought back a lot of memories, not only of my childhood, but of our good friend TJ.  So it was a bittersweet day for me, because they were definitely happy memories...I just wish he could have been there with us.  But it was a wonderful experience with the beautiful people in my life, I don't have any pictures from Adventureland, but enjoy the rest!
Enjoying martinis at The Lift
Jessi and her fiance, Brett
Our martinis: Appletini, Key Lime Pie, Mango Slut, Bloody Marytini
Laura and I rocking our candy necklaces
Yum yum yummy necklaces
Sangria Sisters: Emily and Ashley
Toasting to people getting arrested (across the street!!)
Dancing at The Liars Club
It was packed on the dance floor!
Brunch with Ashley at the Drake Diner! She had a Veggie Bene
while I went all out and enjoyed Cap'n Crunch French Toast Sticks
Andy was absolutely floored that they sold 40s at Es Tas
Another Ashley in my life <3

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