Sunday Special - Lindsey A

Lindsey has been in my life for about 14 years.  I feel like through the years, our friendship is always growing and we're always getting closer.  Over the past couple years, Lindsey has been a true rock in my life...always there to help me with spiritual and emotional struggles (often times one in the same).  Lindsey is now living in Morocco embraced in God's arms.  Thank goodness for modern technology because facebook, blogger, and especially Skype have made the thousands of miles seem smaller.  I feel blessed to have Lindsey in my life and I can't wait for the next 14 years that are to come!
Freshman year
Definitely do not know what we're doing =)
During Camelot our junior year
On our random photo op day...so beautiful
Ready for our manicures!
My perfectionist P.A.

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