Day 8- Short term goals for this month and why

Well, since September is tomorrow, these are my goals for September:
1. Lose 8 pounds - 2 pounds a week is realistic and the Battle of the Bulge competition has started at work, so if I win it, I get $50 and a day off of work! Also, I started a Couch to 5K program last night, so this should be doable.
2. Sing more often - Singing in the car is not good enough, I need to find a choir, vocal coach, or a Church to sing with.
3. Skype more - If you have Skype, let me know your screen name! I'd love to talk to you and see you :)
4. Start training for RAGBRAI - Do you really need to know why? I'm doing RAGBRAI next summer!
5. Make the most of every day - self-explanatory
Well, there they are...so exciting I know.  The exciting part is that it's nearly September, fall is just around the corner!! My favorite season ever should get me motivated and keep me happy.  Who else gets motivated by fall?

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  1. I am sitting here trying to figure out my list, so I read yours for motivation :) Its funny that you mentioned the motivation about Fall, Fall is my favorite season in the midwest,but "Fall" here is Summer so its so strange! I do miss the leaves changing and the weather change! enjoy it for me.