Chasing Tails

I know dogs chase their tails, but do cats?  Simple answer, you bet they do!  Here are some pictures of my awesome cats, as requested by one of my pen pals, Kam!

Meet Peter, a totally chill cat; let's say, a gentle giant. :) Peter is not full-bred, but mostly Maine Coon.  He can jump really high, but despite his large stature, he is surprisingly agile. He has an odd little habit of sucking on the top of his paw when he's happy, the vets say it's because he was weened too soon as a kitten.  I never got to meet Peter as a kitten, we adopted him grown up!  But my guess is that he was probably the cutest kitten ever!  We didn't pick his name, he was Peter Pan at his old house.  We tried to change it, to Sawyer, even just to Petey, but as odd as it sounds, he's just Peter.  Peter is the type of cat everybody wants, we get offers for him all the time.  Sorry! He's mine :)

Just chillin' on the kitchen table, as per usual

Being purdy

See Cali in the background?
 Meet Cali, an ornery little creature.  She is, as you can see, a tortoise/calico.  If you don't know a lot about cats, tori-calicoes are bipolar and sometimes you don't know why you keep them, but then they turn around and do something so cute you remember why you love them.  LoL.  Cali will be enjoying a lovely lap session and then turn around and bite you for no reason and run (and I mean RUN) down the hall and hide.  She always thinks she's in trouble, so when you walk towards her, she usually runs away.  That being said, she almost is always in trouble...she's always knocking over stuff, chewing on things (like carpet and cords!), or attacking Peter.  But she makes me smile and trust me, she is the softest cat you will ever pet.
Always trying to get to the highest point, this is on top of our hutch

Chasing her tail

Aw, she got it!