Sunday Special - Emily D

Emily Dawson is someone who becomes a better friend everyday.  We have known each other since high school, but not very well since we were at different schools.  But the very first time I met her, I remember thinking she was so nice because without even formally meeting me, she offered me a piece of gum and that made me happy :) I started to get to know her more once we were in college.  I have always really liked Emily and always wished to become good friends with her.  Well, these past couple years have been great years for our friendship and Emily has become one of my closest friends.  She is also engaged to Nick, who is a good friend of Ryan's and mine, so we always have a great time when we can all hang out together.

Emily is an extremely talented designer who always impresses me with her work.  She has cute accessories in her etsy shop, which you should check out!  She also has an amazing eye for fashion and interesting pieces which you can check out in her other etsy shop.  It was so special for me when she agreed to make my headpiece that I wore to my reception on my wedding day.  It was absolutely stunning, I received so many compliments, but more importantly, it meant a lot to me to have had my good friend be a part of my special day.

Emily and I are currently facing off in Fantasy Football today, I hope she's prepared to lose! ;-) I love you Emily, I can't wait to see where our friendship goes over the next few years. We undoubtedly have many many more years of fun to look forward to and I can't wait!

Sophomore Year at ISU
Apparently I like this pose...lol
Mmm...engagement cake!
I love this pic of us!
Don't mess with Emily!
The hairpiece she made me :)
YAY wedding day!
Cannot wait for their wedding next year! Nick & Emily
Picture we took last night <3

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