Fill in the Blank Friday!

Thanks for sharing Lauren.  If you want to join the fun, visit her blog and post this to yours!

1.   My Halloween plans this year will include       visiting Emily and Nick in Des Moines tonight for scary movies and good food!  Then we are heading to Omaha tomorrow to visit Ashley and Andy.  We'll be making chili, shopping, dressing up in costume, going out, enjoying football, etc. Can't wait!

2.  My most memorable Halloween costume was   I feel like I have always had pretty generic costumes.  And as generic as it is, I enjoyed being a devil a few years back.  I even dyed my hair RED which was really fun  .

3.  For Halloween this year I'm going to be      from the 50's.  I can't wait to post pics.  I got the cutest glasses for my costume    .

4.  I've always wanted to dress up as   Thing 1 and Thing 2 with a friend.  Or, I have always wanted to be Mickey Mouse. Yes, Mickey, not Minnie  .

5.  Halloween free association!      spiders, candy corn, horror movies, carving pumpkins .

6.  The worst thing about Halloween is        it's cold!    .

7.  The best thing about Halloween is      the atmosphere.  Scary movies, pumpkin beer, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, "Thriller", it's just all so fun!      .

What are your Halloween plans?! I hope you plan to have fun this weekend!

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