Fantasy Football - Week 5

The match-up:

Glitter Kitten vs. Ridiculously Swagger
It's a tough call this week...they both have 1-3 records, which makes them the perfect match-up!  G.K. has a pretty solid line up with Frank Gore as his leading running back, as well as Austin Collie and Chad Ochocinco, "child pleez"!  But fans of G.K. beware, R.S. has all the tools she needs to win this match-up.  Obviously, Drew Brees will lead the team as quarter-back, and R.S. has the best tight end in the league, Antonio Gates.  She is taking a gamble playing LeSean McCoy, who has a projected 0, but trusted sources believe McCoy will be back and better than ever at Sunday night's game against the 49ers.

It's a tough call, Glitter Kitten could have a secret weapon up his sleeve.  Perhaps a rockin' trade, or maybe a star on his bench.  You'll just have to tune in Sunday to see where this match-up goes.  When it's all said an done, one of these teams will be 2-3 and one will be 1-4, just above Team Crap...and that's not the end result G.K or R.S. wants or deserves.  The competition is hot, the anticipation is building...it's on!


  1. going down Ms. Hackbarth. I will bet you 1 shiny .gif and a beer of your choice!

  2. You're bet is accepted...but you won't be able to come up with anything more swagger than the .gif I already have ;)IT'S ON!!!