Five Question Friday

Just like last time, feel free to answer these as a comment or post to your own blog!  As the weather cools off, I am reminded of the fact that winter is right around the corner...so I guess that's where the questions stem from today:

1. Do you prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
2. How would you rather spend your snow day; bundled up inside with the hot drink of your choice and a good movie? Or bundled up outside sledding and making snow angels?
3. When it's the middle of winter, where do you like to (or wish to) vacation?
4. Do you like snow on Christmas?
5. What is the number one item on your Christmas list this year?

1. Coffee
2. Kinda of a combination of both I guess.  I'd like to go sledding and then come home and cozy up with Ryan and watch a movie.
3. Florida has been our January destination several times...this year it will be Vegas!
4. I LOVE snow on Christmas, I love snow in general.  Don't hate me, but I'm already excited to see the first flake!
5. Sewing machine


  1. 1. Coffeeeeee. Today, I could use about 3 pots of the stuff.
    2. Def. bundled up inside. I love to bake and watch watch movies :)
    3. I would head out to any where warm. Aruba anyone?
    4. Is it really Christmas without snow?
    5. I don't really have a list this year. I already getting everything I want with my upcoming wedding!

  2. 1.Coffee, but one of the frilly drinks with chocolate and whip cream.
    2.Inside! I hate the cold, I just like the look of snow :)
    3.I go to a family members cabin in Tahoe for a couple days. It is so pretty. We even saw a bear once.
    4.Snow on Christmas is the best. But here in Folsom, it just won't happen!
    5.Books haha <---NERD

    Oh by the way, about your comment on my blog about Gilmore Girls. I AM THE SAME! I am constantly on a cycle through the seasons. If there is nothing on or I am just in the mood I pop it in and go to town! I don't think anyone can understand (even husbands) until they are a true fan! :)

  3. 1. Coffee, for sure, Thank goodness the boyfriend works at a coffee shop, free coffee is the best!
    2. Oh I miss snow days!! But when I go back to the midwest I FOR SURE like to be bundled up inside looking at the snow falling, have the fire place going, cookies in the oven and a movie on the tv! Sounds perfect.
    3. Wow- don't hate me- but the middle of winter I am no where near winter so I always want to be back to the midwest...I miss snowy winter days!I would only wish that for a few weeks though- but here in California we just don't have the real winter feel you get back at home.
    4. Being that i don't get snow at all here, YES!! Snow on Christmas is a must (are you listening mother nature?!)
    5. Being home for Christmas is the best gift I could ask for.Cheesy, I know, but thats all I asked for were plane tickets back home, and they are in hand so I got my Christmas gift. If I were to get anything else, I would like money to go towards a brand new pretty bike :) Oh and for my car to sell! haha