Day 15- Put you ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play

Since I don't have an iPod that has been updated with songs for about 3 years...I am just using Ryan's iTunes since he downloads music for me to!  I have a "Sarah" section...so I'll put that on shuffle:

1."Love Like Winter" - AFI
2. "You Run Away" - Barenaked Ladies
3. "Notion" - Kings of Leon
4. "Sun Brother" - Portugal. The Man
5. "Jumper" - Third Eye Blind
6. "I'm on a Boat" - The Lonely Island (lol, reminds me of my wedding!)
7. "Truth" - Serena Ryder
8. "All Mixed Up" -311
9. "Stand" - REM
10. "Hey Stephen" - Taylor Swift

I only skipped a song if an artist I already listed came up again...which happened a lot with Portugal. The Man.  I like this playlist though!  I need a new iPod so I can listen to my music again.

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