Sunday Special - Emily H

My sister Emily is a wonderful person and I feel so blessed she is my sister.  She is my younger sister, but in many ways, I look up to her.  She is, and always has been, very strong, physically AND emotionally.  She is smart and driven, and tries hard to tackle her goals.

Emily is studying to be a nurse, which I WISH I had the nerves to do, but blech!  But I think it's awesome and admirable and I am so proud of everything she has accomplished.

I don't have any old pictures on my computer, so these are all pretty recent ones.  But in a way, these pictures represent the year that we have been closer than ever.  Each year goes by and I feel like my sister is more and more my best friend than anything.  But of course, we're family, so put us together for too long and the bickering starts!  But it's worth it, because I have more fun with her than I ever could have imagined when we were both still living at home, and I love her.  So no matter the rough times we go through, or friends we lose, we are always sisters and will always be there for each other.  I love you Emily!
So beautiful
Bridal Shower #2
Out and about in DPort
Rehearsal Dinner...my Maid of Honor
Always helping each other out...lol
Most recent picture (a little blurry)

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  1. This mother is proud of the two of you. Such beautiful sisters, with great spirits. But of course, I had a hand in creating you. God has blessed our family!