Sunday Special - Allison H

Today's special focuses on a friend I have had since high school and she luckily has been one of my greatest friends ever since.  Alli has always been a person that truly knows who I am and has loved me for all of my characteristics.  I feel the very same way about her; I know who she is, I know some of her secrets, many times, I know exactly how she feels.  She has been a fantastic shoulder to lean on and a supporter of all I do.  And I couldn't be prouder of her with all she has done!  Alli followed her heart and became a nurse and she now works at the UW hospital in Madison, basically a dream job for her.  I am so happy and so proud that she could accomplish these things and she did them with such independence and grace.

Now, after having achieved many personal goals on her own, Alli has met her soul mate!  Alli and Paul will be married on May 14, 2011, less than 8 months away :)  Everything is happening so quickly, but I think God has blessed these two with confidence and undying love.  They know they are 100% right for each other and that their lives are meant to be spent together!  I know how it feels, I knew I loved Ryan and wanted to spend my life with him after only 4 months.  But we were only 18 and that felt so soon...but we're married now, so I can truly say that when you find the right person, you know it and you can't wait for that wedding day to come!

Alli, I wish a world of happiness and love for you and Paul throughout your wedding preparation and lifetime of marriage.  You are an amazing light in my life and I am excited for us to be a part of each others' lives as we begin our own families.  I love you Baaba!!
Me, Steph, Alli
Iowa City Junior Year
Iowa City Junior Year
Ames Summer 2007
Madison 2009
At my rehearsal
ENGAGED! Paul & Alli


  1. you guys take beautiful pictures together! Probably because you both are so beautiful!

  2. Ah! This is wonderful dear :) you make me smile a million times over :)!!!!