Day 26- Introduce your family

I'm a post behind, so I am doing two this morning!  Let's meet the wonderful people that have put up with me for 24 years and counting:

My mom
Meet Beth, my mommy!  My mom has been fantastic throughout my life.  There are many things I could not have gotten through without a little push or inspiration from my mom.  Throughout high school, my mom attended every concert, every play, and even my pitiful tennis matches!  My mom and I have gotten even closer as I've gotten older, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.  I love you mom!

My dad
Meet Paul, my daddy!  My dad has always been involved in my life, and as I've met people and gotten older, I've learned to really appreciate that.  When I was younger, he would coach my basketball and softball teams.  And like my mom, he attended all of my events as I got older.  My Dad has always been someone I can look up to spiritually because he is very involved at Church and I truly enjoyed singing in the Church choir with him.  I am definitely daddy's little girl, I love you dad!
My sister
Meet Emily, my 21-year-old sister.  Emily is getting her degree in nursing with the intention of working in a psychiatric hospital...boy is she brave!!  Emily is the best sister in the whole world and my best friend.  Like I mentioned in my Sunday Special post about her,I look up to her in many ways.  I love you sister!
My brother
Meet Alex, my little brother.  Alex just turned 10 last week and he is in fourth grade!  He has occasional been the bane of my existence, but usually he is the light of my life. :)  I could not have asked for a sweeter or more caring little brother.  He has had his moments where he makes me want to pull my hair out, but more often than not, he makes me laugh and smile.  I love you Alex!

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  1. I want to be part of your family!!!! Oh, I am! Love you too, Sarah