Sunday Special - My Husband

Not that these posts are necessarily in order of importance, but it's probably about time I give a shout out to the best man on this earth!  Ryan and I started dating when we were 18, right after graduating high school, and I almost immediately knew I had met my soul mate.  I know that sounds cheesy, and we were young, and it was too soon, but I think our marriage after 6 years together is proof that sometimes you do just know who you are meant to be with.  

Ryan has been my biggest supporter and encourager in everything I do.  He helps me make important decisions without letting me lose myself and my ultimate goals.  He is also the best listener, but I'm sure he would retort that I am a "good" talker...meaning I talk A LOT. =)  He always wants the best for me, and for us.  I am always a priority in his life, and he makes me feel like I am his world.  I love Ryan more than I could possible describe in the this blog post, maybe more than I could ever really describe in words...but I think that says it all.  I am the luckiest person in the whole world and I can't imagine a single day without Ryan in my life.

I love you baby!
Freshman Year of College
Halloween Freshman year
Sophomore year
Junior Year
Junior year Halloween
Andy and Ryan at the Rehearsal Dinner
Sooo happy! :)
On our honeymoon...my favorite picture of us!

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